Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fancy Nancy Birthday Soriee

My first blog. How exciting! Eeek! Where do I begin. First of all I have no idea how to blog, the dos, don't, yeses, nos, have not a clue. So it will reflect me. And the love of Christ in me. And the woman He's created me to be. That's all. A daughter, wife and mommy. Living the dream.

My mom came to visit from Cali for Maddy's fourth birthday. Her official birthday was December 29th but the celebrations lasted til January 9th, as we anticipated Gama's arrival.  We'd rented a party house at a park in town but it was locked, closed and a huge mess the morning we showed up. Holy moly is right!! So I ran over to the zoo and they graciously hosted our Fancy Nancy party in a warm, cozy room right next to the hippos, elephants and giraffes. Yes a dream come true for the Richerts!  Needless to say it ended up being an awesome party.

Some of the set up, hey we had to make due and flex to the change of location... menu consisted of all Maddy's favs: heart and cupcake shaped pb & j sandwiches, vanilla yogurt fruity cheerio and strawberry parfaits and Topsy's popcorn, complete with raspberry lemonade.

Basket on the end of the table was home to the favors. Books for the boys and fancy bags for the girls with a headband, bracelet, and necklace, all in which I made, and a Fancy Nancy book.

Enjoying the deliciousness.

Waiting to see the elephants.

Opening packages. Shout out to my sweet friend Roberta who made the bag Maddy is opening!

All Madison's friends who made the party extra fancy!

The chiefs were actually playing in a playoff game while the party was going on. note the chiefs gear in the background. Thanks to all the dads would came out to support and endured watching the game on Jared's iphone.

Life is good and we are blessed. Live for Him.


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